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Since I begun work, I never physically exercised but ate much foods as usual. Finally I've got weight until 68kg. That is the reason why I begun running.

At weekdays, I run about 4 kilometers, and weekend 10 - 20 kilometers. Now I run so hard that I join running races.

...Later, I grew up to sub-three runner due to FRUN,Nifty Running Forum that gave me more training with fun. I show here the results of the races I participate in.

...However, recently I've lost motivation for record, so I can't renew my private best record these years.

Next Races

Hall of Records

* Lap Data of best 10 races  (Flame and Excel is needed)
 If you can't look that page, see the graphic data from here.

Because of runnning, I succeeded in diet under 60kg. I do reccomend you runnning.

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